Gottfried Koch

Producer - Songwriter - Musician - Videos - Photography - Projects


Studio 1A fx.JPG

DAW: Mac-Pro Logic Pro X, WAVES Platinum PlugIns including SSL, H-Series, API Series, L2, L3, Vocal Rider. Abbey Road Series, J37, etc. pp. Universal Audio UAD-2 PlugIns: Lexicon 244,Neve EQs, Urei 1176 LN, 1176SE , Pultec, Shadowhill Compressor,  dbx Compressor. UAD Precision Series, UAD Room- Simulator, Roland C-1, etc. pp. UAD-Mastering-Tools, Apple Plugins, M-Audio Keystation 61es Masterkeyboard with semi-weighted Keys, PlugIn-Instruments: Lounge-Lizard E-Piano, Symmetrics Stylus Drums, Symmetrics Atmosphere, MOTU Ethno2, Addictive Drums, Addiktive Keys, Komplete Elements, Siedlacek Orchestra, large library of loops and samples.

Studio 2A fx.JPG

Analogue Vintage keys by Roland, EMU, Yamaha.
FOCAL SOLO BE6 Monitors with Tannoy Subwoofer. PC-Speakers, Ghetto-Blaster, Cheap HiFi-Set. Headphones by FOCAL, Audio-Technica und AKG. Effects and externals: Lexicon, TC-Electronic, SPL, DBX. Tube-type equipment by TL-Audio und DBX.
One of the best tube-type vocal microphones ever: Neumann M147.
More mikes by AKG,  Sennheiser, SHURE, Audio-Technica, Beyer, MXL, Ramsa, Pearl.



SONY DMX-R100 Digital Production Console:
56 channels, 6-stage full-parametric “Oxford” EQ per channel, compressor / gate with variable "knee" per channel, dynamic and "snapshot" automation,  total-recall for all parameters, internal digital routing-matrix,
surround- and 96kHz-able etc.
And  most important: It sounds terrific!


Fender Stratocaster RW Texas Special, Stratocaster MN,
Telecaster MN, Telecaster P90 PUs
Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass Signature, LesPaul Black Beauty
ES339 Semi-Acoustic, Jackson Dinky, Ibanez Roadstar II
Fender Precision-Bass Black Label Series
Taylor 210 Dreadnaught Western Guitar, Cort EARTH 12-string Guitar.
Ibanez Concord with DADGAD-Tuning,
Takamine Concert Guitar, H.Sagavia Flamenco-Guitar
Santander Resonator Dobro, Soprano-Ukulele
Fender Flat-Bottom Mandolin; Aria Mandolin, Mars 4-String Tenor Banjo
Tech21 SansAmp with Tube Parametric EQ
Blackstar Amp HT5, Blackstar Amp Venue 40, VTH-Box,
Fender Amp Frontman 25 Effektboard: Vox-Wah, Vox Satriani ICE9, Satriator, Time Machine, MXR Dynacomp, Roland Chorus, EH Smallstone, Pulsar.


Audio / musicproductions of all kinds on Apple MAC Pro LogicPro X.
State-of-the-art digital and analogue equipment.
Great range of guitars, amplifiers and virtual instruments.
External recordings with Multitrack-Equipment suitable for any venue.


Songwriting, lyrics, concepts for bands, projects and singleacts.
Compositions, arrangements, text editing, soundconsulting.
Coaching for singers and instrumentalists.
Arrangements and scores for backingvocals, choir and orchestra.


Jingles for radio und TV-Commercials
Music for Internet and Social Media Performance
Music for TV-Series and events
Score for Movies  and TV


Digital postproduction of audio of any kind.
Editing, multiband-compression, tube-compression, de-essing, limiting, de-noising,
maximizing, normalising, psycho-acoustic editing.
Equalizing fully parametric, graphic, digital, analogue. 


Media of all kinds at any number of copies.
Professional DTP- coverdesign. Promotion- / pressphotos, styling- and type-design.
Press- and promotionconsulting, PR-material.


Publishing songs, albums, acts in all internet-media.
YouTube, i-Tunes, amazon, musicload, napster, spotify etc.
Artist & repertoire-consulting. Compilations and CDs for commercials, give-aways, incentives etc.                                             


Copyright- and royalty-consulting for songs, projects and acts.
Registration and reservation of copyrights and intellectual property rights.
LC-number and releases on our own labels.
Demo- and productionsplacement at our businesscontacts.